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Mornos Artificial Lake. For a long time, fresh water provider to Athens. VacationTravel to Viotia!Livadia, the capital of the prefecture, is built between two hills on the sides of a gorge through which flow the springs of Erkina. They are known in mythology as Lethe (Forgetfulness) and Mnemosyne (Memory), and they are to be found in the north of the town, at a site known as Krya. On the top of one of the hills, Profitis llias, there is a well-preserved 14th century medieval castle.In ancient times Livadia was known under the name of Mideia and was the site of the famous Oracle of Zeus Trofonios. Arahova lies 35 kilometers west of Livadia and is a regular stop for people headed for Delphi or the Parnassos ski center. Most of the skiers, novices or experienced, spend their nights in Arahova. There is a thriving hand-woven fabrics industry in Arahova and plenty of hotels built on the edge of the famous Delphi Gorge.Just 10 kilometers east of Distomo, a town known for the Nazi atrocities in the second World War, with important archaeological finds and an interesting museum, and which played an important role in the Revolution of 1821, one comes to the Byzantine monastery of Ossios Loukas, whose 11th century mosaics and frescoes are among the finest in Greece.

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