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Thassos Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Thassos Island

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Thassos VacationTravel to Thassos!The northernmost Greek Island, Thassos, lies very near to the shores of northern Greece, just 12 kilometers away in fact, which makes it an ideal holiday destination for northern Greeks and visitors from the southern Balkan countries.The island is blessed with the extraordinary natural beauties of mountains, forests, and fantastic and plentiful sandy beaches. To show off its outstanding beauty, there is a wonderful paved road that follows its 95-kilometer coastline and encircles the entire island. Various side roads branch off and lead you to some lovely mountain villages, so many of them surrounded by pine trees, tall mountains, and white marble rocks (see also our Thassos Touring traveller's information text).The tallest mountain rises 1,203 meters near the center of the island, and several other mountains are only slightly lower. Its 379 square kilometers support a healthy economy for its 13,000 or so inhabitants, combining excavation and export of the plentiful white marble common to the island with farming and cultivation of fruit and nut trees, olive trees, honey production, fishing, and tourism.Because the island has been blessed with so many lovely beaches, accommodation and eating facilities are not centered only in one or two central places, and can be found literally throughout all of the coastal regions.

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