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Syros Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Syros Island

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Syros Town Hall at Night VacationTravel to Syros!The capital of the island, Ermoupolis, still remains as the administrative center of the Cycladic Islands, as well as their court of jurisdiction. Today it is a busy city bustling with activity; full of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, and with a busy harbor handling ferry traffic from all over the Cycladic Islands.The streets are lined with elegant neoclassical mansions, whose balconies encompass every variety of architectural style ever imagined. The city has some lovely churches and museums to explore, as well as the incredible Catholic village of Ano Syros, seeming to stand guard over the city from high atop the hill.The interior of the island has low hills, and fertile flat lands that lend themselves well to farming. A variety of vegetables are farmed here, most especially tomatoes, and there are numerous hot houses dotting the countryside ensuring a year-round supply and selection of fresh vegetables.The north side of the island, by contrast, is rocky and barren, and lends itself more to dairy farming. The oldest settlements on the island, Halandriani and Kastri, are located here, where important prehistoric finds have been made over the years.Certainly its lovely beaches, the attractions and architecture of its capital, and the very lively and hospitable atmosphere that pervade Syros have all joined together to transform the island into a very popular tourist center. Many artists and members of the international jet set have chosen Syros on which to build their privately owned houses - French star Catherine Deneuve being among the most prominent.

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