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Sikinos Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Sikinos Island

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Sikinos Town VacationTravel to Sikinos!Once you disembark, you cannot help but notice it: people here look you directly to the eyes, and with a smile! You are treated as a guest, not as a potential source of income. Tourism is nowhere in the Aegean less important to the islanders’ income than here!Three hundred people all in all, they are fishermen, tiny scale land cultivators and wine makers, stock farmers, and very few have what you would call a profession: they grow their own fig-trees, they produce their own oil and honey, they take care of their own goats and sheep, and they use cash! No banks, cash machines, Internet connections, cafeterias, big-time events! Not even people with an adequate knowledge of English!So, why did you ever decide to come to this Cycladic island? You must be a very special kind of a traveler to be on Sikinos.The island is some 40 sq. kilometers in size, arid, with no airport, a port that only recently got facilities for ferries to dock, without rent-a-car or bike joints, but with some local tavernas with Greek dishes or fresh fish. If you have a Greek phrase-book with you, you’ll be able to go around and satisfy your basic needs. But if you are so special to be on Sikinos, why don’t you offer yourself the favor of learning some basic Greek?If you are young and healthy, there are a lot of rewarding walks around the island, and the photos you will get will provide the standards, for the rest of your life, of a lost Paradise! It is best you start using your feet from the first moment you disembark in Alopronia, Sikinos’ port (though there is a bus connection to the main village); the island’s main village, Chora (and it is high time to learn that this is a common name for the main town of almost all Aegean islands), is away from the coast, for the fear of pirates.It is divided into two parts, Chorio and Kastro; there is an impressive church for you to visit, dated from the 18th century and a small folklore museum. Another sight is the Zoodochos Pigi Convent, built in the 15th century and dedicated to Our Lady. Entrance is only allowed to visitors properly dressed: long skirts and covered shoulders for women, long trousers for men. A long beach towel, wrapped around your waist, is sometimes enough to save your visit.The ancient ruins of Episkopi are also worth a visit. There is a 7th century church here, built on the ruins of some ancient temple, perhaps dedicated to Apollo, and an ancient theater. Agios Georgios beach is best accessible by boat, otherwise there are very few beaches.Do not expect any international dishes to be served, or any exquisite brands of beer; do what the rest of the people here, spend as much time as you want in one of the few bars or the couple of tavernas and accept the drinks anyone might offer you. Join the drinking groups of the locals if you are offered a seat and try to mumble some words would they start singing their fantastic local folk songs.

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