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Serifos Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Serifos Island

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Serifos Windmill VacationTravel to Serifos!When seeing Serifos from afar, one could not be more reminded of a large rock growing in the middle of the sea. Practically circular and fairly mountainous and rocky, it does have a few small fertile valleys that are farmed by the locals. Historically, the island was primarily noted for its iron and copper mines, long since closed.The island is currently home to approximately 3000 permanent residents, who make their livelihood from farming, fishing, and tourism. Some residents are also involved in cultivating and exporting a particular wild orchid that grows only on this island. The main port and its waterfront are home to most of the visitor’s services, restaurants, cafes, bars, a fair amount of nightlife, and a good deal of accommodation.Serifos attracts many visitors who are interested in walking and those who appreciate undeveloped lovely, quiet beaches. The island’s bus service is very limited, so unless you’re a walker, car hire is highly recommended. Driving distances are relatively short, the roads are good, and every ride has its own charm, with breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea and toward the surrounding islands.The island’s golden sand beaches, which are among the best in the Cyclades , are innumerable and lie predominantly in its southern part. The harbor of Livadi is the area's main tourist center, and its extended beach is shaded by trees and lined with little tavernas and bars.

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