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Preveza Area, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Preveza Area

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View of Picturesque Parga Town (Preveza Prefecture) VacationTravel to Preveza!Preveza prefecture is located in the southwest section of Epirus and has a total area of 1,036 square kilometers. It is inhabited by by 59,356 people, according to the 2001 census. Five kilometers (3.1 miles) north of the picturesque city of Preveza, the capital of the Prefecture, one can visit the ruins of the ancient city of Nikopolis.Should you visit Preveza, make sure not to miss visiting the Venetian castles, the Roloi (City clock), a Venetian monument, as well as Nikopolis’ archaeological museum. You can also visit the Nekyomanteion (or Nekromanteion=Oracle of the Dead), the Aherontas River and the nearby villages.The prefecture is not mountainous, which for mainland Greece is unusual! It has a number of valleys, and some hills to the north. The mountain of Xerovouno (=dry mountain) is in the extreme northeast, thus considered to act more as a border to the prefecture rather than as a part of it. This area contains a large shallow gulf, with brackish water, offering advantageous conditions for the breeding of fish.The main human activities in the prefecture of Preveza, besides its services sector, are agriculture, cattle raising, fishing and hunting. Tourism is slowly but steadily becoming a factor for the prefecture's financial growth, and the new Rion-Antirrion bridge has given easy access to the region. More welcome news for motorists is that the underwater tunnel connecting Preveza and Aktio in Western Preveza Prefecture is now completed and offers a two-lane road connection between Aetoloakarnania and Preveza Prefectures. The combination of the bridge and the tunnel has substantially cut down traveling time to Igoumenitsa and is expected to have a positive impact on the tourism sector; such an evolution will certainly be to the benefit of both the local communities and their visitors, since the Preveza Prefecture has so much to offer.

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