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Pieria VacationTravel to Pieria!The capital of Pieria Prefecture, Katerini, lies between the Plain of Pieria and Mt. Olympos. Some 32 kilometers southwest of Katerini, the village of Agios Dimitrios is built on a plateau, where there is water and lush greenery. The road to Stena tis Petras, the pass to Thessaly, is truly exciting, as is a walk up the impressive Olympos Gorge.At Dion, 17 kilometers south of Katerini, archaeologists have brought to light the extensive ruins of the Macedonian sanctuary of the gods. Amidst the lush vegetation and springs of the Pierian Plain, just before the ascent to Olympos begins, one can see the ruins of the sanctuary buildings - the temples, two theaters and a stadium - while next to them, to the north, the remains of the ancient city of Dion unfold. It was closely associated to Dias (Zeus), as its name implies. Thousands of Macedonians used to flock to this place for the festivities and games dedicated to the god, which grew in importance after the 5th century B.C.Among the sacred buildings, the following are the most notable: the sanctuary of Demeter, two temples dating to ca. 500 B.C., the Asklepieion, and the whole shrine dedicated to Isis, with its idols still standing on their bases. Continue

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