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Mykonos Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Mykonos Island

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Mykonos VacationTravel to Mykonos of the incredible light, of the myriad of beaches of sand, stone, raucus and quiet, to the whitewashed houses and tiny lanes, to tiny chapels and churches here, there and everywhere, to a chic ambience amid simplicity, to bars and clubs and meeting new friends, to tolerance, freedom and individuality!Travel to Mykonos!The most cosmopolitan destination in all of Greece, Mykonos (alternative spelling Mikonos or Myconos, sometimes even called by its American friends Mikanos) has long been known for its incredible, long sandy beaches overflowing with singles looking to connect, honeymooners beginning their new lives together, couples, families, surfers, and gays, all enjoying the crystal clear waters and brilliant sunshine.Mykonos is also renowned for its outrageous nightlife, with more bars and discos per square foot than just about anywhere else on the planet. Its trendy shopping has attracted even the likes of Armani, Donna Karan, Cartier, and Bulgari, just to name a few. Its chic ambience can be seen everywhere, from marvelous gay bars to gourmet restaurants, and from hundreds of jewelry shops to offbeat galleries.No wonder all the cruise boats, from the smallest to the largest, stop at Mykonos, even if just for the day; its marinas are always full of VIP yachts and sailing boats, filled with incognito rock stars, designers, movie stars, and politicians!Its outstanding variety of vacation packages and accommodation for your holidays, hotels with romantic swimming pools, spas and Jacuzzis, wonderful gala dinners, special suites for honeymooners, and excellent facilities for conferences and meetings, satisfy even the most discerning and demanding tastes.

Questions and Answers about Mykonos Island

Are there any special useful things to bring with me on the island?

Don`t forget your suntan lotion and moisture cream, as they are a must for the whole summer in the Cyclades. It would be also useful to bring an anti-mosquito cream with you, as the little winged monsters seem quite aggressive during certain parts of the hot summer season on Mykonos. However, you shouldn`t worry in case you`ve forgotten to pack any of this, as most of the shops that are scattered around Mykonos offer such goods, even if more expensive than home.

How do I get to my hotel?

The easiest way to get to your accommodation would be with our personalized transportation service, as a special vehicle will be waiting right there for you at your arrival, and our driver will get you to your hotel without delay!
Otherwise, if you`ve chosen to reach your accommodation on your own:
-From the airport, you will have to make use of a taxi.
-From the new port, you can choose between a taxi or a public bus, if one is available at the time of your arrival.
-From the old port, you can choose to walk and carry your luggage to the hotel, assuming that you will be staying in town, near the port, and you know where the hotel is located.

Is the seawater warm enough all year-round?

Unfortunately not! Greece is not a warm year-round destination. The sea is best from early May, then really warms up throughout the summer months, until well into November. There are locals who swim year-round, so it`s not impossible, especially if you`re from northern climates and are used to cold water.

What clothing should I bring with me?

Although the weather on Mykonos is gorgeous and sunny throughout the summer season, it is possible to have rain occasionally in early May or maybe from mid to late September.
For the months of April, May and October, bring lightweight warm clothes with you because you will need them, especially in the evening hours.
For the rest of the summer months, there is no need to bring heavy-weather clothes, but we do suggest that you bring with you a lightweight windbreaker.

What is so special on Mykonos? Why should I be there?

Belonging to the elite of the Mediterranean, the most famous Greek island got that way for good reason. It`s beautiful, charming, fun, and now, renowned for sophisticated, international goings-on. Vibrant nightlife, terrific shopping, more nude and non-nude beaches per square mile than anywhere else in Greece, all combined to make Mykonos one of the best-known jet-set playgrounds in the world, the ultimate tourist and party island, gay set refuge, and rock star hangout.
What is sometimes neglected is the fact that there are good reasons why Mykonos has become so popular, and it`s not just its trademark windmills or Little Venice. It is a beautiful island, centrally located and easy to get to, with a charming capital `city` of narrow lanes filled with trendy shops, family chapels, eateries, bars, clubs and bakeries. Good beaches abound (and among them, some of the finest in the world), including many accessible only by boat. The new harbor shelters cruise ships as well as yachts and small craft making regular stops. So, if you are looking for the ultimate party island, or by contrast, for a quiet vacation in a magical, beautiful place, or just for a chance to dive into waters off some of the best beaches in Greece, then Mykonos is the place for you!

Where should I get the ship to Mykonos? Piraeus or Rafina?

Both ports serve Mykonos, as several ferry and high speed boats sail from each one daily. However, the ships and high speed boats sailing from Rafina are a little cheaper and reach Mykonos nearly an hour earlier. Moreover, the port of Rafina is located only 30 minutes away from the new Athens airport, so it better serves visitors who wish to travel straight on to Mykonos after their arrival in Greece.
On the other hand, the port of Piraeus best serves visitors who plan to stay in central Athens, as it is comparatively closer to the city and is easily reachable with the city metro.

How common is crime on Mykonos?

Crimes aimed at tourists on Mykonos, in particular, and in Greece, in general, is not something that`s prevalent, but you will have to keep your eyes open, especially in a crowded street during high season or late at night, after you`ve had a couple of drinks and you`re feeling silly. However, in the last few years no serious crimes have occurred, and the Police mostly deal with purse-snatching and pickpocket offenses. Actually, that kind of crime appears to be common at most world-class tourist sites, and especially on crowded public transportation systems in major cities.

Is it safe to swim in the seas of Mykonos?

The Aegean Sea is comparatively safe, although there were 3 or 4 reports of small sharks being fished around the Cyclades during the last couple of years. Usually, the most evil creature you will meet while swimming will be a sea urchin sleeping on the sandy bottom or clinging to a rock or, more rarely, some hungry jellyfish, the latter appearing mostly at the northern beaches and during windy days. If you are not a good swimmer, you shouldn`t be afraid, as help is easy to find, especially at the organized (and crowded) beaches in the south, like Ornos, Platys Yialos, Paradise or Super Paradise.

Is nudism legal on Mykonos?

Nudism in Greece is legal only at the very few officially designated nudist beaches. In practice, however, there are large numbers of beaches, which, by custom, have become adopted as nudist beaches. Especially on Mykonos, the mentality is totally different and the locals actively encourage nudists who do, after all, contribute significantly to the tourist market and thus to the local economy. Apart from the well-known beaches that traditionally attract nudists, there are also large numbers of secluded beaches where au naturel is the rule. The best advice is to be sensible and avoid family beaches like Ornos and Platys Yialos, and places overlooked by roads or houses, like Ammoudara or the Korfos Bay. Bear in mind that the character of a beach may change according to the day of the week (many Athenians flock to the island at weekends) and according to the season (the Paradise beach looses its nude profile during July and August, as huge numbers of white collar workers invade Mykonos). Be sensitive to the locals and, above all, try not to offend them.

What is `no-name` accommodation?

`No-name` accommodation consists of various rooms, studios and apartments, owned by local people of Mykonos. Each year, our agency contacts those people, chooses the best rooms -according to their standards and location- and unites them under the Windmills flag. Most units are named after their owners (Kostas Rooms, Floras Studios, etc.) and they usually don`t have signs that indicate their exact location (hence the term `no-name` accommodation).

What are the types of `no-name` accommodation?

- A `no-name room` is equipped simply with a bed and a private bathroom. A studio is moreover equipped with a fridge, a kitchenette and all the needed self-catering gear (pots and pans, dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc.).
- A one-bedroom apartment has the same equipment as the studio, but it comes with a separate bedroom area, and thus can accommodate up to 4 people (2 will sleep in the bedroom, and there are usually two sofa-beds in the living/kitchen area for the rest of the party).
- A two-bedroom apartment can accommodate up to 6 persons, and a three-bedroom apartment up to 8 persons (in all cases, two people sleep in the common area).
Finally, there are superior units which contain all the above, but are larger, more luxuriously furnished, and additionally equipped with air conditioning facilities and a television.

Why should one stay in town?

As goes for everything, accommodation in Mykonos Town has its advantages and disadvantages. Some good points are that you are always close to the unending nightlife, all the supermarkets and shops are at your feet, and if you`re staying near Fabrica square (where the main bus station is situated), you can very easily reach almost every beach on the island by using the cheap and efficient public bus system. Moreover, if you like drinking alcohol when you`re going out at night, it`s much easier to get back home when home lies within 5-15 minutes of walking (when we say `in` Mykonos Town, we mean a distance of up to 800 meters from the actual town center), instead of driving your moped back through badly lit streets, or getting a taxi in the early-morning hours when everybody needs one.
On the other hand, staying in town means that you might have to spend more on accommodation, and that you`ll have to tolerate the noise of the town, which in some parts of Mykonos (especially if you`re staying next door to a bar or a nightclub, or on a main shopping street) can be a very good reason to have sleepless nights. That is, of course, if you`re planning to have any sleep while on the island!
Please note that Mykonos town is flat, therefore, it does not usually offer any special views of the sea, the sunset, etc. If you are up for something like that, then you will need to take a hotel or unit that is slightly towards the outskirts of town, on the slope that overlooks Mykonos Town, the most important and popular areas being Despotika, School of Fine Arts and Vryssi. Most units built there are much quieter and generally offer much better views than the ones that are really downtown. Don`t forget to let us know if view is an absolute must!!! The border between the town core and the town outskirts is Fabrica Square (on many maps featured also as `Southern Bus Station`) - this is the spot where the public buses, destined for the nice beaches further away from town, depart from.

Why should one stay out-of-town?

Staying out of town has its own advantages: When the fresh morning breeze caresses your face, when you can enjoy your breakfast on a balcony overlooking the Aegean, and when the beach is within 5 minutes walking distance, then your stay really does feel different! Usually, visitors who choose to stay out-of-town are not lovers of nightlife, and many consist of families looking for a peaceful place with a great beach. Some have visited the island in the past, have decided on their favorite beach, and return every year to stay at the same place.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Police: 22890 22 716, 22 235
Tourist Police: 22890 22 482
Post Office: 22890 22 238
Port Authority: 22890 22 218
Airport: 22890 22 327
Central Bus Station: 22890 23 360
Central Taxi Station: 22890 23 700, 22 400
City Hall: 22890 23 261
Health Center: 22890 23 994
Windmills Travel and Tourism: 22890 26 555

Getting There

By Sea: There is ship connection to Mykonos from Athens using Piraeus, Rafina or Lavrio port. Transportation is provided by both standard car-ferries and highspeed state-of-the-art ships. The trip duration varies from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the itinerary and the type of the ship. The itinerary usually includes stops at neighboring islands such as Tinos, Andros, Siros. During the summer season, there are also connections to other Greek islands like Paros, Santorini, Crete, Naxos and Ios.
By Air: There is daily air connection to Mykonos from Athens. During summer there are also direct connections to Thessaloniki. During peak periods there scheduled connections to other Greek airports and charter flights to major European airports.

Getting Around

There is bus transportation to all of the must-see tourist attractions of the island. Buses usually run after midnight during peak season, with frequent departures. The departure station is at Fabrica Square. You can also choose taxis for transportation on all passable paved roads on the island. The taxi station is at Mavrogennous Square. For off-road trips throughout the island, it is suggested that you rent a jeep.

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