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Leros Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Leros Island

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Leros Island View VacationTravel to Leros!This island of 8,500 inhabitants lies in the Dodecanese, on the southeastern edge of the Aegean, near Patmos. It has an area of 53 square kilometers and a coastline 71 kilometers in length owing to the vigorous carving action of the sea.Today Leros gives one the impression of being one of the last small paradises left to visitors who are seeking rare and untrammelled natural beauty. A serene beauty, which rests the spirit and the senses together, in an environment full of harmony, so hospitable that it feels intimate from the very first moment. Leros is as interesting today as it has been in antiquity.The goddesses of antiquity, who were distinguished for their beauty, chose illustrious sites upon which to build their palaces. This is also what Artemis (Diana) did, the goddess of hunting. She chose an extremely beautiful island lying in the blue waters of the Aegean, with vegetation, a lacy coastline, leeward bays, and kind-hearted people, and there set up her throne. She chose Leros ... a truly divine choice.The sea sculpted the coastline of Leros with lavish artistry, giving it lacy shores, sandy beaches, protected harbors, and a multitude of little islands all around it. Nature there has been endowed with lush vegetation and a landscape of pleasant alterations. History has played an important role on the island since ancient times. The people who have lived there have shown it respect, and have built monasteries, churches, and mansions in a unique architectural style.

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