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Lefkada Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Lefkada Island

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Lefkada VacationTravel to Lefkada!The large Ionian Island of Lefkada (also called Lefkas, Lefcas, Leucas and Lefkes) is situated just north of Kefalonia and south of Corfu and Paxi. In some ways, Lefkada is an artificial island, in that it was once a peninsula attached to the mainland and was intentionally “detached” in the 7th century BC by colonists from Corinth, who actually dug a channel and separated this “island” from the mainland . Today, it is connected by a bridge, which spans the 20-meter strait.The island is often mentioned when discussing the very famous private island of Skorpios belonging to the late Aristotle Onassis. The Onassis islet lies off the east coast of Lefkada, opposite the resort area of Nydri. Also nearby is the private island of the late poet, Nanos Valaoritis, called Mandouri.Lefkada is a beautiful island of rugged white cliffs along its west coast, and green fertile regions along the east coast. It has a small and attractive capital, and very traditional villages. It is an island of incredible variety, with one foot in the 21st century, and the other buried somewhere in its long past. The island has an area of 302.5 square kilometers, and its tallest peak, Mt. Stavrota, stands at 1160 meters (3480 feet) right in the center of the island. The main roads run north and south, not far inland from the east and west coasts. They skirt around the mountains, with satellite roads running inland to various mountain villages. There is a decent public bus network linking most of the island, with some trails branching off the main roads and offering nice walking opportunities.The inhabitants of the island, numbering approximately 20,000, confine themselves to farming, animal husbandry, and tourism. The island’s fertile plains have vineyards and olive groves, which account for the island’s production of excellent wine and superb olive oil; lots of cypress trees abound, and there are mountain streams, ravines and even a waterfall.The capital of the island is called Lefkada Town, and it sits at the most northerly point of the island where the bridge links it to the mainland . (one can learn more about this town by clicking Lefkada Town above) ...Continue

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