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Dialechto Village from far away VacationTravel to Kozani!This Prefecture lies in Western Macedonia and is inhabited by approximately 150,000 people. It borders on the Prefectures of Imathia and Pieria to the east, Pella to the northeast, Florina to the north and northwest, Kastoria to the west and southwest, Grevena to the south, and Larissa (which is a part of Thessaly) to the southeast. The Capital of the Prefecture is the City of Kozani.This Prefecture, due to its lignite deposits, witnessed an industrial boom in a short period of time. A major electric energy plant is operating in Ptolemais. Unfortunately, the operation of this very plant in Ptolemais has raised environmental issues. It also has a hydroelectric dam in Polyfytos at the artificial lake produced after having harnessed the flow of Aliakmon River. There are also nitrous salts and chromium that are subject to exploitation.Kozani is also the center for the production of the precious "saffron" flower and the spice coming from it. Coming from the dried stigmas of the saffron crocus, it takes 75,000 blossoms, or 225,000 hand-picked stigmas, to make a single pound, which explains why it is the world’s most expensive spice. It is harvested in the early mornings of October, and the stigmas must be separated from the blossoms the very same day to dry. This cultivation takes place in Krokos Village and Ano Komi.It is also home to the Technological Educational Institute of West Macedonia and is serviced by Philippos Airport, positioned at the center of the prefecture. The new Egnatia National Road has made access to Central and East Macedonia much easier, since, as from 2005, one can drive to Thessaloniki in less than 2 ½ hours.In the past, Kozani was a major center of trans-Balkan commerce, and its inhabitants prospered expanding their influence to Central Europe. This wealth was the basis for creating an artistic architectural tradition regarding the building of both churches and private mansions. Siatista Town is worth visiting for the many fine mansions still standing.Velvendos, Servia, Eratyra, Pentalofos, Katafigi, Vlasti, Namata and Tsotili are other towns and villages worth visiting. In Perdikka, near Ptolemais, the petrified remnants of an elephant, three million years old, were found.

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