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Koufonissia Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Koufonissia Island

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Koufonissia VacationTravel to Koufonissia!With the largest population in the “Lesser” Cyclades (called the Lesser Cyclades due to limited ferry service and very small populations), it does offer an alternative to mass tourism, plush resorts, and throbbing nightlife. However, since these islands are being discovered of late, you can expect to find some crowds (given their small size!) during the high summer months of July and August.You will find on each of these little gems simplicity, sunshine, great beaches, and pretty walks. Just pack a couple of bathing suits, one pair of comfy walking shoes, a pile of books, and plenty of sun block, and come visit the “Lesser” Cyclades . On this page we profile Koufonissia. If we have piqued your interest to “discover” more about the other three islands, please check under their individual titles, Schinoussa, Iraklia, and Donoussa.The island of Koufonissia has the largest permanent population of the Lesser Cyclades , with about 300 inhabitants. It is actually two separate islands, with tourist facilities centered on the larger “upper” island, which also serves as the ferry port. If you manage to be there on the 15th of August, you will be offered a free ride to the “lower” island, where the big celebration of “Our Lady” takes place at its chapel! AND, you will have the chance to experience the traditional race of the local motorboats on their way back!Both islands have lovely sand beaches and crystal clear water; plenty of fishing boats and fresh fish dinners, and a small main town with about half-a-dozen lively little bars are to be found on the “upper” island. If you go snorkeling in the tiny main harbor, do not be astonished when you see a number of marble Roman bathtubs lying on the sea bottom! Having been at sea level when they were used some two millennia ago, they followed the gradual downward movement of Aegeis, a continuous stretch of land which, once upon a geological time, linked southeast Europe and Asia Minor, to now find themselves at a depth of about 6 meters (20 feet)!

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