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Kos Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Kos Island

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Kos Hippokrates Oath VacationTravel to Kos Island, third largest in the Dodecanese, the island of the father of Medicine, Hippocrates; of the solfatara fields and hot springs; of the wetlands of Psalidi; of the three-aisled basilica of St. Stephen’s early Christian church, and of the contrasting Town Minaret; of the Asklepeion ancient Temple of Medicine; of the Neratzia Venetian Castle of the Knights of St. John, at the entrance to the harbor of Kos; of the plane tree of Hippocrates in front of the harbor; of the kilometers long Paradise, Camel, Tigaki, and Marmari beaches, just to name a few. Travel to the taste of Kos; of the exquisite traditional confection, Glyko Domataki (baby tomatoes in syrup); of marvelous local wines; of roast red peppers stuffed with Feta; of outstanding seafood fresh from the sea.Travel to Kos!The island has long been known for its marvelous climate and outstanding beaches, two very important ingredients for any summer holiday in Greece. Kos surely delivers all of that, plus an incredible variety of water sports at just about every organized beach on the island. You can find water skiing, peddle boats, scuba diving, wind and kite surfing, sailing with hobby or catamarans, jet ski, banana boats, wake boards, and even canoes and kayaks.The island’s long, narrow shape provides for a lot of coastline, approximately 128 kilometers in total. Of course, we have to mention the nightlife of Kos! The town and all of the resort areas have a very lively night scene, including traditional bars and clubs, discos, DJs, live music, and even traditional dancing. Beware, this island does not sleep at night! ...Continue

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