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Ikaria Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Ikaria Island

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Ikaria Spa (Therma) VacationTravel to Ikaria!Entwined with legend and myth, and combining just about every natural feature to be found on a Greek island, Ikaria is not as well known as its famous neighbor, Samos. But Ikaria perfectly combines the most incredible rugged, mountainous, and breathtaking scenery with beautiful beaches, streams and ravines, forests, farmland, vineyards, and fruit trees; excellent accommodation, good food, and lovely, hospitable people, about 8,000 in total.The myth of Ikaros is surely well known, and it is off the southern coast of the island where he fell to his death, when his wings of wax were melted by the sun. His father, Daedalus, had fashioned those wings of wax to escape the Labyrinth of Crete; flying together, he cautioned his son not to fly too high toward the sun. But, enjoying his newfound freedom, Ikaros ignored his father’s advice; he soared near the sun, his wings melted, and he tumbled into the sea. And so, the sea became known as the Ikarian Sea, and the island as Ikaria.Fairly large with 255 square kilometers of surface and long and narrow, the island comprises three radically different sections, with the north and south separated by a narrow, high mountain range with elevation as high as 1,050 meters. This southern section can be explored only on foot, and it is here that you will see genuine drama, with a wild and rugged beauty.

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