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Fourni Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Fourni Island

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Fourni VacationTravel to Fourni!Fourni Island is the third island of Samos' prefecture. Fourni is actually an island complex southwest of Samos and southeast of Ikaria, accessible by ship, boats and flying dolphins. The complex consists of 12 islands, 3 large (Fourni, Thymaina, Agios Minas) and 9 smaller ones, an ideal environment for seabirds, among which is the rare sea-gull of the Aegean (Aegeoglaros). The area is a part of Natura 2000 program.Fourni is the largest island of the complex, with its homonymous capital amphitheatrically built around the small natural port. Fourni is inhabited by 2000 people. You can find anything in the island's shops: food, meat, clothing, glassware, presents, etc. The inhabitants deal with fishing, cattle-raising, apiculture, constructions, trade and tourism while a large percentage of them are mariners.While wandering around Fourni, the visitor is charmed. Taking the road up to the square, the visitor passes through the "road with the mullberry trees." This beautiful picture is completed by the square with huge plane-tree in its center. There the visitor can enjoy a coffee at traditional coffee-shops. Most of the island's restaurants are by the sea.As one can easily understand, here we do by no means have a much frequented destination, with posh tourist infrastructure; the visitor is welcome to share what there is available to anybody else, so, please, do not expect any resorts of gigantic dimensions where only the rich visitors have access to, completely cut off from the locals.

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