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Evrytania: Rich Waterfall VacationTravel to Evrytania!Evrytania (one could see it written also as Eurytania) is one of the prefectures forming the Periphery of Central Greece. It borders to the prefectures of Fthiotida, Karditsa and Aetoloakarnania, and it has a mountainous landscape, with Mt. Panaitoliko and Mt. Tymfristos occupying most of its territory. It is rich in water supply; the mighty river Acheloos flows along its west border and rivers Agrafiotis and Megdovas in the east. Most of its border to the west is occupied by the artificial lake Kremaston.Karpenissi is the capital town of the prefecture. It enjoys the cleanest air in Europe but is sparsely populated. People frequent the prefecture’s rivers rafting and canooing and the skiing center on Mt. Velouhi during holidays, but Evrytania is just starting to take advantage of its vast environmental resources. Agro-tourism has just started to develop; in the last 10 years the tourist infrastructure is becoming all the more adequate to serve the prefecture’s visitors.A great number of monasteries, churches, Byzantine monuments, museums, stone bridges, picturesque small taverns, traditional hostels, luxurious hotels, extreme sports and ski facilities and majestic landscapes of unique natural beauty are waiting to be discovered by the inquisitive and nature-loving traveller. Mountain biking, walking, photographing the rich local flora and fauna, hunting, river fishing, riding, are only a few of the activities possible here.

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