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Crete/Chania Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Crete/Chania Island

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Elafonissi Beach VacationTravel to Chania!The city of Chania or Hania (stress on the last syllable), identified with the ancient city of Kydonia, is the capital city of the Prefecture of Chania. Chania Prefecture, Crete’s westernmost district, is occupied by the “Lefka Ore” (White Mountains), a mountain complex with very interesting formations like the Samaria Gorge.Very famous for its ecological importance, including the wild long-horned Cretan goat called the kri kri, the Samaria Gorge attracts thousands of visitors every year. Undaunted by the long trip to the top of the gorge (about 42 kilometers/ 26 miles from Chania), and thrilled with the 18-kilometer / 11 mile descent and trek through the gorge itself, those who appreciate nature walks will not be disappointed with the dramatic scenery. It is truly one of the greatest natural ecological sites of Europe.On the northern coast is the Port of Souda, the largest natural port of Crete.

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