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Another View of the Bridge over Loussios River. VacationTravel to Arkadia!The prefecture of Arkadia is located in the center of the Peloponnese, while its southeastern end reaches the sea. Arkadia is a scenic and versatile prefecture, with many amazing geological features, superb beaches, ancient and religious sites and a modern winter sports center.During your visit to the prefecture of Arkadia, we suggest you see the ancient cities of Tegea and Mantineia, the house of the Greek poet Kostas Kariotakis, the tower of Trikaliti and the cedar forest in Agios Petros, Herod Atticus’ Manor, the home of Greece’s national hero Theodoros Kolokotronis in Libovisi, Vytina, Lousios River in Dimitsana, the 9th century church of Aghia Theodora in Isaris, the 13th century castle in Karytena, Ancient Heraia, the ancient city of Megalopolis and the Lover’s Cave in Tyros Beach.You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing at the beaches of Agios Andreas, Astros, Atsigganos, Leonidio, Tyros, Sambatiki and at the hot springs of Loutra Heraias. Goethe, the famous German writer, had also been in Arkadia. The impact of his coming here has remained in the cultural history of the World through his famous quotation: "I too have dwelt in Arcady." Arkadia's dreamlike nature is an attraction and a quest for inspiration for many artists.

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