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Andros Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Andros Island

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Andros Port from the Ship VacationTravel to Andros!The most northerly island in the Cyclades and the second largest in the group after Naxos, the island of Andros is also one of the most beautiful. Successive mountain ranges with steep sides, separated by gorges, river beds and three large valleys planted with olive trees, figs, oranges, lemons, and vines, through which run numerous streams, make this a landscape which often contradicts what we usually think of as being typically “Cycladic.”The island is very green, forested in parts, and has an abundant natural water supply, so much so that it actually has a major spring water bottling plant at the village of Apoikia. The island lies just north of Tinos and is separated from it by a strait of less than one kilometer. It also lies a short distance southeast of Evia, and its proximity to the mainland and the port of Rafina makes it a an ideal destination for Athenians looking to escape the city in search of good beaches, lovely food, and the type of peace and tranquility for which Andros is so well known.The island’s main port of Gavrion is located on its northwest coast. It is an unpretentious area with a few tavernas, hotels, and apartment complexes. Just eight kilometers south of Gavrion is the village of Batsi, one of the major destinations for visitors looking for good beaches, a wide variety of accommodation, and a small seafront featuring cafes, bars, and tavernas.The main town and capital of the island, Andros Town or Chora, lies on the east coast of the island, about an hour’s drive inland from Gavrion.Andros is a walker’s paradise, and that is certainly one of its major attractions. But, however you choose to discover the island, you will find that Andros encompasses an amazing natural beauty of mountains, valleys, flora and springs, great beaches with crystal clear water, and beautiful sights illustrating the depth of its culture and the pride of its people.

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