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Anafi Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Anafi Island

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Anafi VacationTravel to Anafi!This small island of only 38 sq. kilometers played a prominent role in Greek Mythology, providing refuge and shelter for Jason and the Argonauts, and the same can be said today, since it offers a haven for travelers weary of the more heavily visited tourist islands. It is one of the quietest and most serene of the Cycladic Islands and is a perfect choice for visitors looking to return to the basics.The main paved road of the island runs from the port of Aghios Nikolaos, a small, utilitarian port snuggled at the foot of the mountains, up the two kilometer stretch to Chora. This lovely capital town is situated near the top of the mountain, with Cycladic-style houses packed together forming a necklace around the mountaintop. Small back alleyways take you from here to there, and there are a few tavernas, cafes, and shops around to ensure that you get the basics.Since the island population runs around 300, and since this is not a throbbing tourist venue, the pace is slow and relaxing. The views are extraordinary from just about every vantage point, and there are several good beaches within walking distance. Since the island is rugged and paved roads are few, we suggest hiring an ATV to explore this little gem of an island.

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