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Amorgos Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Amorgos Island

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Amorgos with Monastery Peeking from the Mountainside VacationTravel to Amorgos!This long, narrow Cycladic island is the furthest east of the Cycladic chain. In fact, the island is so far east that it is almost in the Dodecanese! It has an area of 121 square kilometers (313.5 sq. miles) and a coastline of 112 kilometers (69.5 miles).A truly beautiful and tranquil place, this mountainous island has coastlines that are precipitous and rocky in some places, while elsewhere they form peaceful and serene bays. In fact, its natural rugged beauty is certainly the main attraction of the island. Other important attractions include outstanding walking possibilities, the magnificent Monastery of Hozoviotissa, and a tourist infrastructure still in its natal stage, though more than adequate to handle your basic needs and then some.Amorgos is easily reached by ferries from Piraeus, and from the nearby islands of Naxos and Paros. It also connects well with the Lesser Cycladic islands of Donoussa, Iraklia, Koufonissia, and Schinoussa and the Dodecanesean Astypalea.It has a more natural and rougher landscape than nearby Paros, and less of a tourist infrastructure than nearby Naxos. But, it does have the azure, crystal clear waters famous throughout the Cyclades , and the quiet, laidback atmosphere that is sometimes missing from the busier islands. It is here that the "Big Blue" movie was filmed.Although Amorgos too can be very busy in the peak summer season, the feeling one gets when staying there is one of serenity, even amidst the chaos.

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