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Alonissos Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Alonissos Island

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Alonissos VacationTravel to Alonissos!The main island of Alonissos forms part of the National Marine Park, where many of the smaller surrounding islands are under the full protection of the government in order to protect a variety of species, from rare plants to falcons, gulls and other birds, as well as the monk seal and a species of wild goat. In fact, Alonissos is the only inhabited island of the full cluster of nine smaller islands and islets, five of which are strictly protected by environmental laws, and one of which is totally off-limits to visitors.Alonissos, lying approximately 62 nautical miles from Volos on the mainland , and with a year-round population of about 2,000 inhabitants, is fairly well developed for tourism, especially in its southern portion and along the east coast. A paved road connects the main towns on the east coast (Patitiri, the harbor, main town, and current capital and beautiful Votsi, just north of the harbor) with the old capital, called Chora or Old Alonissos, situated high on the hillside and just inland from the east coast.From Patitiri, there is a lovely path that you can walk the three kilometers uphill to reach the old capital. Regular bus service runs between the two, and caiques from Patitiri can take you to numerous beaches on the east coast, as well as to some of the protected islands of the park to the north and northeast of Alonissos.Further north along the east coast is the charming natural harbor and village of Steni Vala, offering tavernas in a lovely setting and with superb views. Here is a Rescue Center for the monk seals, primarily treating wounded and orphaned pups. Moving further north along a newly paved road, you’ll arrive at Geraka Bay, which is home to a Biological Station observing and monitoring the ecosystem and, particularly, the monk seal.There are some lovely beaches on both the east and west coasts of the island. Of notable mention are Milia, Kokkinokastro, Gerakas, Mourtias, and Ai. Dimitrios. As the island is mostly pine covered, you will continually see the striking contrast between the intense green of the island and the deep blue of the sea.The most developed village of the island is the present capital, Patitiri. It is here that you’ll find accommodation, tourist services, banking, supermarkets, the health center, and the police. There is an ample selection of tavernas and restaurants, shopping, and even a bit of nightlife. This village was developed after 1965, when most of the inhabitants fled the old capital after a destructive earthquake destroyed much of the hilltop village. While the architecture of the buildings of Patitiri is not nearly as attractive as that of the old capital, the setting around the natural port with its small marina is absolutely lovely.

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