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Agistri Island, Greek Vacation

Greek Vacation & Informations about Agistri Island

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Agistri Island VacationTravel to Agistri!Just a breath away from bustling Aegina, no more than a few minutes by ship, is situated Agistri (or Angistri=fish hook), the smallest island in the Saronic Gulf, and a unique combination of natural beauty, green landscape and clean seas. For those seeking tranquility and rest, Agistri is the prefect solution.This small island is perfect for day trips, and ideal for hikers interested in making short walks and enjoying the beauties of a unique place. One bus services the entire island of 14 sq. kilometers, which has only three main settlements, the ports of Scala and Milos, and the village of Limenaria, with a total population of less than 1000 persons. The best sandy beach is situated at Scala, which also serves as the main tourist area, and one of its ports.The capital of the island is Milos, and serves as the island's second port. The bus connects the two towns, and the walk between them should take no more than 30 minutes. Milos also has a few tavernas and shops, and a very laidback atmosphere, as does all of the island.Here and there during your walks, you'll find little coves with deserted small beaches. For visitors lucky enough to have a boat, Agistri has plenty of beautiful small bays offering moments of isolation and peace. The village of Metohi, perched on a hillside just inland from Milos and with an astonishing view to the woods and the sea, is also worth visiting.

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