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Aetoloakarnania Area, Greek Vacation

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Klissoura Gorge VacationTravel to Etoloakarnania!The Aetoloakarnania (or Etoloakarnania, or often Aitoloakarnania) Prefecture is inhabited by some 230.000 residents and has Messolonghi as its capital city. The most eminent characteristic of this prefecture is its abundant fresh water supply. Acheloos, one of the three rivers in the prefecture, is one of the largest rivers, not only locally, but at a national level; the other two are Evinos and Mornos Rivers.Five natural lakes are supplied by their waters, the lakes Lyssimachia, Trichonis, Ozeros, Amvrakia and Voulkaria; three artificial lakes must be noted as well, the ones at Kremasta, Kastraki and Stratos, having turned into first rate wetlands, all three after harnessing the flow of river Acheloos. Very important to the local economy are the estuaries formed by the river water, where a top quality caviar is being produced from a Mullet (Leuciscus cephalus) species. These Estuaries have an immense ecological value as well. (Please see Messolonghi relevant text).Speaking of the importance of the water wealth of the region, it must be noted that the Capital of Greece, Athens, is to a large extent relying on these rivers for its water supply. Agriculture in the irrigated fields of the region produces olives, corn, clover, cotton, citrus fruits, and tobacco, a traditionally most important product. Animal husbandry, however, seems more important: cattle, pigs, sheep and goats, whose meat is of excellent quality. There are also a number of small business dairies producing excellent cheese.In the educational sector, there are schools of all levels, from Κindergarten to University. Public Libraries are to be found in Messolonghi, Agrinio, Nafpaktos, Thermo and Amfilochia. Leisure facilities include Swimming Halls, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts with free access.

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