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Greek Vacations

Fabulous destinations, great food, sunshine and beaches, and a culture as old as the gods themselves, this is what a Greek vacation is all about!

Since you’re considering Greece as your next holiday destination, have a look at the endless possibilities that we offer you throughout the pages of our site. While Greece is very well known for its many, many islands, do have a look at the mainland too, where you’ll find some of the most interesting excursions on offer.
Consider just a few of the experiences that a Greek vacation can offer you:
  • A Greek vacation means endless beaches, just about wherever you go. Fun in the sea and on the sand is one of the hallmarks of a Greek vacation.
  • A Greek vacation means fresh fish and seafood grilled to perfection.
  • A Greek vacation means a wonderful selection of foods from the original Mediterranean diet, including the world famous Greek yoghurt, with or without the equally world famous Greek honey drizzled on top.
  • A Greek vacation means discovering hidden caves, such as on Antiparos or on Crete, or in the southern Peloponnese.
  • A Greek vacation means hiking the trails and hillsides of the Peloponnese or in the area of Epirus.
  • A Greek vacation means mountain biking on the mainland or on the islands.
  • A Greek vacation means scuba diving, or learning to, on the coastal regions of the mainland or on the islands.
  • A Greek vacation means plenty of water sports, such as jet skis, parasailing, and wind surfing.
  • A Greek vacation means exploring archaeological sites, such as on Delos, in Delphi, and at Epidavrus.
  • A Greek vacation means discovering world-class museums, such as the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, the Treasury at Delphi, and the extraordinary selection of museums on just about every Greek island.
  • A Greek vacation offers plenty of nightlife, whether at the many fabulous nightclubs in and near Athens with live performances, or on the islands, where you’ll find a choice of rock, techno, hip hop, and even classical music.
  • A Greek vacation absolutely means shopping! You’ll find bargains galore at shops offering charming handmade souvenirs, pottery, leather goods, and jewelry.
  • And, finally, a Greek vacation allows you to simply ignore all of the activities mentioned above and to simply lie back on a beach and do absolutely nothing at all!

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Greek Vacation in Antiparosgreek vacation

Antiparos Island

Travel to Antiparos!Of late, Antiparos has been attracting quite a bit of attention in its own right as a modern holiday venue. Once considered just a nice one-day excursion for vacationers on Paros, this sweet little gem of an island is quietly capturing the attention of some of the Hollywood jet-setters looking for a “new Mykonos.

Vacation Information and Services for Antiparos Island

Greek Vacation in Astypalea narrow winding alleysgreek vacation

Astypalea Island

Travel to Astypalea!Difficult to get to, but worth the effort, this lovely “butterfly-shaped” island actually has a coastline longer that its mass, as the island is very narrow at its center, giving the appearance from afar as being two separate islands.

Vacation Information and Services for Astypalea Island

Greek Vacation in Serifos Livadi Villagegreek vacation

Serifos Island

Travel to Serifos!When seeing Serifos from afar, one could not be more reminded of a large rock growing in the middle of the sea. Practically circular and fairly mountainous and rocky, it does have a few small fertile valleys that are farmed by the locals. Historically, the island was primarily noted for its iron and copper mines, long since closed.

Vacation Information and Services for Serifos Island

Accommodation Selections for amazing Greek Vacations

Diamond Hotel

The Diamond Hotel is located in the heart of the Athens historic Plaka area, 2 minute's walk from Syntagma Square.Athens Diamond HotelDiamond HotelDiamond Hotel
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Bill & Coo Suites

Bill & Coo Suites are located a 10-minute walk from town of Mykonos, near the Megali Ammos beach, which gives the hotel a unique sunset view toward the islands of Tinos and Syros and toward the famous windmills of Mykonos town.Bill & Coo SuitesBill & Coo SuitesBill & Coo Suites
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Nostos Apartments

Situated right on the beach of Skilandari, just steps from the sand.Nostos Apartments TinosNostos Apartments Tinos Beach ViewNostos Apartments Tinos Outer View
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